UQuality Automotive Products have a great history in the manufacturing and distribution
of brake drums.  UQuality makes all their products in ISO/QS certified factories,
​meeting all requirements of fit, form and function.

• Machined & balanced for immediate out-of-the-box installation (no turning required).
• Equipped with bearings and ABS rings where OE is supplied.
• Castings meet SAE J431 material requirements.

• UQuality drums and rotors deliver long life and excellent stopping power.
• Over 2,300 SKU’s in inventory.

• More than 98% coverage for import & domestic cars, SUV's and light-duty trucks.
• Non-directional finish for smooth pedal feel and low noise.
• OE vane configuration forces out hot air and pulls in cool air
   for proper heat dissipation and improved performance.
• Fully machined drums to provide better balancing for a smooth ride.