• GEOTECH™ is a high-performance
   chromium-free water based metal finishing material
   that provides protection against road salt, humidity, solvents
   and other corrosive elements. 

• Low coating thickness on all rotor surfaces including braking surface
​   does not diminish braking quality during first use.

                                                                          • GEOTECH™ allows rotors to be installed right out of the box.
                                                                             No pre-degreasing (dry protection) is necessary.
                                                                             Enhanced thermal exchange during braking due to ample protection 
                                                                             of vent interiors and no oxidaton.

                                                                          • The GEOTECH™ silver-grey color coating provides a finish that is more like that
​                                                                             of OE and is much more appealing on today’s open wheel designs.

                                                                          • GEOTECH™ meets or exceeds OE specs and provides excellent corrosion resistance
​                                                                             on rotors for all vehicle types.