Superior Quality from Design through Production
• Brake rotors and drums are manufactured in state-of-the-art QS9000, ISO/TS 16949 certified facilities.
• Our multi-stage, quality-control processes ensure our parts meet dimensional and weight specifications.
• Our research and development team analyzes each brake component to ensure proper design and fitment for
   every import and domestic application.
• Castings are manufactured to SAE J43 l metallurgical engineering standards for consistent quality, strength and performance.
• Tight-tolerance specifications reduce thickness variations and lateral run-out to ensure a balanced rotor.
• Install ready, a non-directional swirl finish is applied to all rotors, eliminating the need for machining prior to installation.
   A smooth finish aids in the proper seating of the friction. Less time needed for pad rotor "break-in".
• Many late-model applications have specialized and unique vane designs. UQuality follows the original factory designs and
   incorporates those specialized vane designs. Vane configurations optimize airflow through the rotor, allowing heat to dissipate
​   more efficiently and improve performance.